Magical spaces for soul mates

Love bubbles are magical places beyond time and space where you, as loved ones, can experience what it is like to be alone in the world together. It is an experience that starts from the moment you place the reservation and ends the moment you get home.
Every Love Bubble has its own unique love experience with private wellness facilities. The experience lasts 21 hours and is all inclusive: from food to drink, from massage oil and oil heater to bathrobes. You really only need to bring your toothbrush. During this two-time period, our invisible team makes every effort to create the perfect conditions for an intense memory of your love for each other. Read in the testimonials what loved ones have experienced before you.

The Love Bubbles are being developed at LandGoed in the Achterhoek landscape landscape (Lochem area).
PS Also for a marriage proposal, a wedding night or the creation of a new beginning in your relationship you have come to the right place with us!

The Original Love Bubble - Surrender to my Love

A mysterious corridor in the old gentleman's farm leads you to a large open space ... In this bubble you land directly in your shared heart. Around the lounge bed by the fireplace find all the private wellness facilities you can imagine; Turkish steam bath, sauna, heart-shaped bubble bath, outdoor shower and the love ritual Surrender to my Love. You can take a rest at the top of the ridge or outside on your terrace by the fire place. The intimate atmosphere gives you all the safety and nurture that you wish to share everything, but then everything with each other.

The Dreamtime Bubble - Lift my Dreams

Via the dream lane you come to the walled inner garden of a former pig shed; a green oasis with a steaming jacuzzi under the starry sky. Inside you will find a lounge bed by the fireplace, a spacious sauna and above the sleeping area with a hot tub. The Dreamtime bubble invites you to dream away together and the love ritual Lift my Dreams inspires you to live all your dreams. (Incidentally, this is the only bubble with a table and chairs.)

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