A fairy tale about love

The initiator of the Love Bubbles (Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté) has been curious about, and driven by, love, passion and intimacy in love relationships since she was a teenager. The question 'How do you keep a relationship lively and intimate after the period of falling in love' is an important quest for her. One of her discoveries to keep a relationship alive is the introduction of a part-day; a monthly recurring agenda-free day where she shares what is on their heart with her loved one. She experiences that sharing their hearts is a form to be ultimately vulnerable, a willingness to lose the other and to experience connection in that willingness. A connection that feels deeper than before, a basis from which you can depart the following weeks. On a part-day time may not play a role and the space must also feel as if you are all alone in the world. And so the Original Love Bubble arose from her own intrinsic need: a place where you can be completely naked, bald and vulnerable.
When someone asked Mariëtte if he could rent this place with his loved one and after a day they said 'yes', the Love Bubble concept was born and soon more Love Bubbles were created, each with its own unique experience. The beginner's enthusiasm soon met local regulations. A legal process of 3 years and a lot of patience, hope and trust followed. The apparent standstill was used to shape the Love Rituals, which inspire the Love Bubble experience, and to create a beautiful Love Bubble team. On Christmas Eve '19 the redeeming reply came from the Council of State that gave LandGoed a recreation destination and thus made the development into 8 Love Bubbles possible. Every Love Bubble marks a phase in the growth path of love. In addition to the Lotus, the Original and the Dreamtime Love Bubble, the Heaven, Earth, Raw and Diamond Love Bubble will be realized between 2021 and 2023.The growth path of love is also depicted on the LandGoed itself: based on the stories that come back from the guests, more and more new landscape elements are emerging. All this with the intention of creating dear memories for loved ones, a new chapter in their own love story.

Mariëtte believes that when lovers find the peace and space to share their love, a holy relationship is created with a burning center: the holy fire that drives transformation and inner growth. You can find more about her alchemical view of relationships on The Lotus and the Diamond Love Bubbles are part of the IAlmaMater Foundation in Lochem.

Interview with the initiator of the Love Bubbles, Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté: