Grow together

When you are in love, discovering each other is central. You get all the inspiration for this from yourself. Everything happens naturally when you are in love; you rush on the waves of love and want only one thing and that is that the wonderful feeling will never stop.
In the phase after falling in love it is less obvious to discover each other. It also becomes more difficult because the person with whom you were so in love mirrors the less pleasant sides of yourself in addition to the nice sides. You may also start living together and / or form a family. a
All the practical issues that this entails often cloud the essence of your being together.

For lovers who need extra depth, relaxation or inspiration during their stay in the Love Bubble, the initiator (Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté) has a number of love tools developed based on the (often) common issues that she encounters in her own relationships and in the couples she accompanies on their journey of discovery. Such as:

- Does the feeling of love remain forever gone after the period of being in love or can you conjure it up in your relationship?
- How can we be together again (or more) together?
- If we have a discussion about things that are important to us, it quickly ends in a fight. How can we communicate lovingly?
- How does our love for each other change with our changing body and our changing needs?
- My partner has cheated on me and this remains between us like a dark cloud. Can I forgive my partner for what he (or she) has done?
- How can we feel free and live an equivalent life of our own while staying connected?
- Since the arrival of our children, our relationship has been mainly of a practical nature and we play 'father and mother'. I miss the lover (mistress) in my partner. How can I see my loved one again for who he (or she) is?

Mariëtte hopes to inspire you so that you find your own answers, answers that change from moment to moment because you also grow as an individual in the love relationship. The love rituals with which Mariëtte can inspire you vary of the Love Ritual Boxes where you yourself get started step by step in a playful way with a theme, to one Massage Ritual where you are massaged in each other's loving presence, into one Love retreat where you extend the stay with 3 hours with personal guidance. These sessions are given by Mariëtte herself.

Do you want advice without obligation? Then send one This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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