Connect in love

Do you want personal guidance on a question or theme that you encounter on the love path? A Love Retreat starts the moment you present your quest to Mariëtte in a (no-obligation) telephone conversation and both share your vision with her. Subsequently, Mariëtte offers a no-obligation proposal as to whether, and if so, how she can inspire you in a Love Retreat. This is followed by an 3 hour-long session (where touch always plays a central role) during your stay in the Love Bubble. Before and after the retreat you will receive practical instructions that you can use at home.
In addition to the love for each other, a Love Retreat intensive focuses primarily on the
love for yourself: the more you love yourself, the more love you can give to your partner. Instead of 1 night, you stay 2 nights in the Love Bubble with an individual for both of you on the first day Massage Ritual and on the second day the joint Love retreat.

You can find more information about Mariëtte's method and guidance on The Lotus and the Diamond

Let's talk Love. Do you want free advice about or the Love retreat what is for you? App or mail with Mariette to make a call appointment.