The Beloved Box

Let's celebrate our love!

In the hectic pace of everyday life, we sometimes forget why we chose our loved one and we increase in the relationship what does not work rather than what does work. Why is your partner so special? Why are you together? Deep down we know that all too well! This treasure chest brings you back to the essence of your love, the place where it all started, in your heart.

MG 8067 smallThe content of the box consists of all the ingredients that you need for it Be my lover - ritual: a lump of rough rose quartz stone, body soaps for him and him with amethyst geode, handmade talking stick and response spring, incense with holder from India, massage oil heater with selenite candle holder and a special (soft) beautiful cloth to keep your sacred space. create an explanation for the ritual and of course our own super massage oil so that your hearts will melt together!

Price 129 euro. How to order Send a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the address and we ensure that this treasure chest full of love comes to you super-fast or indicate when you are staying in the love bubble. If you stay in a Love Bubble, we will put it ready for you upon arrival.

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