Loving a lifetime

When you are in love, discovering each other is central. You do not need anything from outside. Everything happens naturally when you are in love; you rush on the waves of love and want only one thing and that is that the wonderful feeling will never stop.
In the phase after falling in love it is less obvious to discover each other. It also becomes more difficult because the person with whom you were so in love mirrors the less pleasant sides of yourself in addition to the nice sides. You may also start living together and / or form a family. a
All the practical issues that this entails often cloud the essence of your being together. That exciting, loving feeling is slowly giving way to a sense of safety and security. And although a basis of safety is needed to grow together, most lovers in a longer relationship also miss that sizzling feeling from the initial phase of the relationship.
Based on the questions we get back from our guests the initiator (Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté) a number love rituals developed. Such as: How do we bring the feeling of love back into our relationship? How can we make a fresh start? How can we be again or more intimate? How do we fix a breach of trust? How can we communicate more lovingly? How do I learn to surrender better?

Mariëtte hopes to inspire you to find your own answers, answers that can also change depending on the phase in your relationship. The love rituals vary of the Love Ritual Boxes where you yourself get started step by step in a playful way with a theme, to one  Massage Ritual where you are massaged in each other's loving presence, into one Love retreat where you not only during, but also before and after the stay, deepen on a theme through personal guidance. 

Let's talk Love! Would you like free advice (and free of charge) from Mariëtte about which Love Ritual can give your love extra shine? Then send her one This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.