Untangling the knot

Do you keep getting stuck (on the same theme) and are you unable to resolve this issue together? Do you want to shed light on an issue that has occupied you for (too) long?

What can I imagine in couple counseling?
In a one-off session, Mariëtte & Jalbert (the founders of the Love Bubbles) are your mirror. After the first part where you take turns sharing your story, explaining your issue and they ask a few questions, there is a break with lunch that you enjoy together. After lunch, they show you the dynamics that cause your "knot". In the clarity that is then shown, the ways unfold for you to step out of your struggle. As soon as you see it, you can move on.

The three-hour session is prior to your stay in the Love Bubble and includes lunch.
It is also possible to book the Couple Counseling without a stay.

Would you like to book and / or add Couple Counseling to your stay? follow this link to arrange this directly or app with Fleur (also if you want more information).