Treasure chests full of inspiration

Each Love Bubble has a small Love Ritual Box with a love ritual that matches the experience of the Love Bubble in question. During your stay, you can also get extra inspiration from a large Love Ritual Box, a festive gift box that you take home after your stay. These treasure chests full of inspiration are especially for guests who would like to be inspired together in a playful way on one of the most important love themes: sharing your heart, surrender, trust, a sexuality connected with the heart, playfulness, passion. and dream together. 

Each Love Ritual Box consists of a ritual (manual) written by Mariëtte, the initiator of the Love Bubbles. Besides a step-by-step instruction in which your experience is created, you will also find extensive background information about the theme, practical 'tips and tricks' and a literature and video inspiration list. The tools to perform the ritual are all handmade gems. They are festive gift boxes where you can relive the ritual time and time again and experience something different every time. You can of course also give the Love Ritual Box as a gift.

Do you want to add a Love Ritual Box to your stay or do you want us to send it to your Love Bubble @home? follow this link to our magical web store or Send a app to Fleur. 

All Love Ritual Boxes respond to a specific practice between lovers: