Tantra Shiva Box

Master the universe!

The dilemma that women and men often encounter in their sexuality experience is that the man has direct (er) access to his desire and also needs intercourse to get to his heart (feeling) while the woman often wants to share her heart first (by talking about her feelings, for example) before she feels like having sex. The solution is in your midst: by allowing the life energy to flow more between the two of you, both the woman becomes more desirable (and therefore more desirable) and the man transforms his desire for simply being present. The Alchemy Box - Freedom offers you tools and explanations to practice with this in a playful way. A lot of passion is guaranteed!

MG 8053 smallThe content consists of all the ingredients that you need for it Master the universe - ritual: massage candle, 'holy wood' with holder, an hourglass and special 'dice', a handmade dragon bracelet, large feather, temple rug, blindfold, our own super massage oil, explanation of the playful ritual and of course the symbol of masculinity, the shiva lingam.
Price 139 euro. How to order Send a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the address of the recipient (or the date that you stay in the bubble) and we ensure that this treasure chest full of inspiration comes to you at lightning speed! If you stay in a Love Bubble, we will prepare the treasure chest for you upon arrival.