Out of your head, in your heart

Dhe Magic Cocoa Ceremony is a very gentle and loving way to make the magic of your love tangible and visible. Besides the fact that cocoa is a superfood and therefore very healthy, drinking it increases your sensitivity (which is very nice to the touch) and opens your heart (which makes it easier to share your heart). And with that, this loving ceremony gets right at the heart of how we wish to inspire you; with a word and a touch straight from the heart.
What can I expect? During your stay in the Love Bubble, you and your loved one drink a cocoa drink made from raw cocoa beans from Quatemala. You will receive it upon receipt explain the ceremony and choose the right time to drink this love drink (our advice is often to do it immediately after arrival, before dinner).

To experience the effect of the cocoa as well as possible, you do not drink alcohol before or during and you also start the cocoa journey on an empty stomach. After that, consuming alcohol is no problem and you often have a huge appetite.

Incidentally, cocoa does not go together with the use of anti-depressants (overload of lucky substances will cause headaches) and if you are breastfeeding you have to express a few feedings because the cocoa enters the breast milk. 

Do you want to add the Magic Cocoa Ceremony to your stay or do you want us to send it for your Love Bubble @home? follow this link to our magical web store or app 
with Fleur.