The art of receiving

Touch not only causes the lucky substances to flow back into your body, it above all ensures connection between you as loved ones. In the Love Bubbles you will find a lot of massage oil and an oil heater as standard.
Do you want to be inspired in the field of touch and / or start your stay extra relaxed? In the Massage Ritual during the 21 hour stay in your Love Bubble you will be massaged in each other's loving presence on the large lounge bed by the fireplace. 
You silently enjoy how your loved one receives the touch and / or you are inspired by a special touch technique that 'turns on' the flow of love in the body.

What can I imagine?
First of all, there is a short introduction to a cup of tea. 
Then you will either take turns by Mariëtte or simultaneously by Mariëtte and her partner, massaged on a large futon by the fireplace. So it is really a joint experience, your connection and relaxation are central:
1. If you choose 'take turns' you can massage, but you don't have to. You can also fall asleep next to your loved one, so to speak. If only Mariëtte massages, the Massage Ritual lasts two hours.
2. You can also choose to be massaged by Mariëtte and Jalbert together at the same time. The duration of the Massage Ritual is then one and a half hours.
You can indicate your preference by whom you want to be massaged when booking.

Would you like to add the Massage Ritual to your stay? follow  to arrange this directly or Whatsapp with Fleur (also if you want more information). 

In the video below you can hear Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté (initiator of the Love Bubbles) about the power of touch.

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