The Lotus Love Bubble - 7 ways to heaven

The Lotus Love bubble is hidden among the trees on the edge of LandGoed and is a place for reflection. Inside is one whirlpool bath, lounge corner by fireplace, double bed in loft and outside a private terrace with a wellness square: jacuzzi, barrel sauna and cold water rinse place. This bubble plays with the boundary inside and out; so you can be alone and very together. The love ritual 7 ways to Heaven inspires you to reflect on your path and connect 'as new'.

"Hey Lotus, come here !, "Dinant shouts excitedly. Among the trees he sees a wooden structure. Vaguely in the distance, Lotus hears the voice of her lover." Where are you ?, "Lotus calls." Follow the path along the willows , "Dinant replies," then you will arrive at a wooden house. I am waiting for you at the door. "
"Is the path dangerous ?," Lotus's voice shivers. "Sure not," Dinant continues, "Well, no path is without risk." Lotus can no longer keep her irritation to herself: "Stop that philosophical talk. Help me to find the path to that house. Ouch!" Lotus is so focused on her feet that she bumps her knee against the entrance of the house. "From here we walk together again," ?? Dinant laughs triumphantly.

You are taking the first steps on a narrow, natural path. It seems as if you walk into a flower cup via the stem! The memories that loved ones have left on either side of the path also remind you of the path you have traveled together. The Lotus bubble has been created to allow you to rest in her chalice, to honor where you have come together, right now in your life. The love ritual Seven Ways to Heaven inspires you to reflect and then connect 'as new'.
Please note: just like the Original, this Love Bubble is less suitable for people who are pregnant or have difficulty walking due to the narrow and steep steps. The Dreamtime Love Bubble is then better suited.

Baking in a Love Bubble takes 21 hours (from 15 to 12 pm) and is all inclusive: you only need to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste. We provide you with 'invisible' snacks, drinks and wordless inspiration. Our team is fully attuned to your love wishes and makes every effort to create the perfect conditions for a loving togetherness. 

Make a reservation or request information without obligation? Send Fleur one app with all your personal wishes and she makes an appropriate offer for 21 hour Love Bubble Xperience including a stay with private wellness facilities, breakfast, dinner, drinks and lots of loving inspiration! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is also allowed, but spam is more sensitive.

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