The Original Love Bubble - Surrender to my Love

A mysterious corridor in the old gentleman's farm leads you to a large open space ... In this bubble you land directly in your shared heart. Around the lounge bed by the fireplace find all the private wellness facilities you can imagine; Turkish steam bath, sauna, cold and hot showers and the love ritual Surrender to my Love. You can take a rest upstairs in the ridge or outside on your terrace by the fire place or in the jacuzzi. The intimate atmosphere gives you all the safety and nurture that you wish to share everything, but then everything with each other. 

Dinant drops to his knees, opens his eyes and blushes all over his body through what he sees. Lotus sits on a four-poster bed in a beautiful room and gestures that he may sit opposite her. Her long hair, her soft skin, her radiant face. How could he have ever had doubts? In the corner of his eye he reads a text in elegant golden letters above the door: "Sharing is healing." 

This Love Bubble bears the name 'Original' because the concept was born in this space, in a new part of the old men's farm. Someone felt so comfortable in this space that he asked if he could rent it with his loved one. And so it happened ... This Love Bubble still feels like a true envelop of your heart. A cherishing that invites you to be open-hearted and to live the magic that comes when your hearts are open.  
Please note: just like the Lotus, this Love Bubble is less suitable for people who are pregnant or not easy to move due to the ladder to the sleeping area. The Dreamtime Love Bubble is then better suited.

Baking in a Love Bubble takes 21 hours (from 15 to 12 pm) and is all inclusive: you only need to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste. 
We provide you with 'invisible' snacks, drinks and wordless inspiration. Our team is fully attuned to your love wishes and makes every effort to create the perfect conditions for a loving togetherness. 

Make a reservation or request information without obligation? Send Fleur one app with all your personal wishes and she makes an appropriate offer for 21 hour Love Bubble Xperience including a stay with private wellness facilities, breakfast, dinner, drinks and lots of loving inspiration! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is also allowed, but spam is more sensitive.

Do you want to complement your stay with an extra shot of love, relaxation or deepening? Then take a look at our Love Rituals